News, thoughts, work in progress, experiments and resources.

Lots of news via Shutter Hub, with not just a wonderful group exhibition, but a book and postcard sets too!

I'm honoured to have work included in Issue 2 of Catalogue of Failures.

This year I was very lucky to get back to walking on the South West Coast Path. Here you'll find a few thoughts and some freshly developed photographs from the journey.

As I've been working on this, my own website, I have also been learning about accessible web design.

A little while ago now I received one large Shift/work parcel containing all sorts of goodies, a motherlode of artworks.

Over the years I've been a part of many sites, communities and social media on the web. This is the rationale for building my own site, a home on the internet that is completely my own...

I'm excited to be taking part in Pint of Science - Creative Reactions again this year.

A field of words which keep cropping up in relation to Open Educational Resources.

Having worked delicately with bromoil prints previously, I needed to know how far I could push the process.

I received a lovely painting and instructions in the post. I was asked to choose or make a small object, and have it interact with the painting.