A selection of finished projects and collections of work.

Pint of Science festival 2022 - Creative Reactions, created in response to Dr Holly Pacey’s research into new high energy particle physics beyond the Standard Model.

Pint of Science festival 2021 - Creative Reactions, created in response to Dr Hugh Hunt’s research into solar radiation management and stratospheric particle injection for climate engineering.

On the eve of another lockdown, I share a series of photographs from the first. Isolation nighttime walks - photographs by streetlamp, taken just with a phone camera.

Worn lumps and crevices for the waves to take hold

Visions from the Icknield Way, one of the oldest walking routes in England. The inking of the bromoil prints involves repeated soaking, stippling, wiping, soaking, stippling… layering the ink so that it is drawn to the shadows and repelled from the highlights. The time taken over and spent with the print and the repetitive action of stippling is reminiscent of the walk itself – sometimes meditative, sometimes a slog, repetitive labour.

Experimental poetry of image and text

Pint of Science festival 2019 - Creative Reactions, created in response to the talk by Dr Josie Hughes, Cambridge University - From piano playing to lettuce peeling: designing robots to compete with humans.

Pint of Science festival 2018 - Creative Reactions, created in response to the talk by Petar Veličković - AI: Generative Adversarial Networks.

Exploring process and chance through the layering of instructions: Gather images which are 'wrong' > Format into a text > Add photocopy noise > Make a single picture into a series > Bind into a book with the pages cut in thirds.

Pint of science festival 2016 - Creative reactions. Created in response to the work of Dr Muzaffer Kaser at Cambridge University into smart drugs.