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Cambridge, UK based artist and lecturer Tiina Burton delves into unknowns. For the past 7 years she has worked with scientists at Cambridge University and Imperial College London to create artistic responses to their cutting-edge research, investigating and interrogating topics as diverse as artificial consciousness, neural networks, robotic hands and high energy particle physics. Tiina inhabits systems and uses sensory experiences to help her investigate and question the fundamental nature of reality. Her processes move between analogue and digital recording, making, gathering and curating with a DIY, collaborative and inclusive ethos.

Her current personal artistic focus is an exploration of attention over time, space and matter through walking. The repetitive labour of step after step, one foot after the other has left traces throughout her work in numerous ways; from the stippling of ink on bromoil prints, the casts of erosion caused by repeated human traffic, to repetitive landscape forms in a multitude of materials and rhythmic waves of sound.

She brings this enthusiasm for investigation and experimentation into her teaching practice, with over a decade of experience. After graduating with a first class BA (Hons) Fashion Studies degree at London College of Fashion in 2007, Tiina began working as a technical lecturer at CSVPA. Now in a senior lecturer role, Tiina teaches a wide range of research, concept development, portfolio building, digital and technical skills within the School of Fashion at CSVPA including Clo3D pattern cutting and AI creativity. She has also worked as a visiting lecturer on MA Fine Art at the Open College of the Arts helping students curate and realise their final digital exhibition.

Tiina’s work has been collected and exhibited internationally. She has published two books of fine art photography, set up her own independent press, and has a third book of experimental AI poetry and image in the making. In 2020 she completed an MA in Fine Art with distinction from the Open College of the Arts.

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Solo Exhibitions:

A World Away – Co. at 15, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge – July 2016
Analogue Colour Landscape – Rhode Island, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge – August 2015
Landscapes from Iceland – 6-16 King Street, Cambridge – January 2014

Group Exhibitions:

We are here - Cambridge Artspace, Cambridge - September 2022
Workshop outcome exhibition on Metaverse - DigitalFUTURES/One Planet 2022, Decentraland online - July/October 2022
Pint of Science 2022: Can symmetry be broken? - Creative Reactions at Cambridge Museum of Technology, Cambridge - June 2022
Your body belongs to you - Shutter Hub at Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, France - April/September 2022
Pop Up Art Cambridge - Pop Up Art, Cambridge - September 2021/March 2022
Yearbook 2021 - Shutter Hub, online - September/October 2021
Shutter Hub Open 20/21 - Shutter Hub at St. Margaret’s House, London - September/October 2021
Postcards from Great Britain: Saint Gilles Croix De Vie - Shutter Hub at Festival Pil’ours, Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, France - May/September 2021
Pint of Science 2021: Climate change after Covid 19 - Creative Reactions, online - May/June 2021
No-Show - OCA MA Fine art exhibition, online - June 2020
Yearbook 2020 - Shutter Hub, online - July 2020
Cambridge Wide Open - Motion Sickness space, Cambridge - March 2020
Postcards from Great Britain - Shutter Hub at the Hotel Lion d'Or, Haarlem, NL - March 2020
Everyday Delight - Shutter Hub at the Free Space Project, London - January/February 2020
Pint of Science 2019: Traces of Touch - Creative Reactions at St Barnabas Church, Cambridge - May 2019
Everything I ever Learnt - Shutter Hub at Art at the ARB, Cambridge University - March/May 2019
Shutter Hub Open 2018 - 5&33 Gallery, Amsterdam - December 2018 - January 2019
Shutter Hub Open 2018 - The Old Truman Brewery, London - October 2018
Because We Can - Shutter Hub at Festival Pil’ours, Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, France - July/August 2018
Pint of Science 2018: Generative Adversarial Networks - Creative Reactions at St Barnabas Church, Cambridge - May 2018
Pint of Science 2017: Commute - Creative Reactions at St Paul's Church, Cambridge - May 2017
Pint of Science 2016: Smart Drugs - Creative Reactions at St Barnabas Church, Cambridge - May 2016
Pint of Science 2015: Artificial Consciousness - Creative Reactions at St Barnabas Church, Cambridge - May 2015
Narrative Art - Pop-up exhibition at the Box Cafe, Cambridge - November 2014
Show Something Else! - E17 Art Trail, London - June 2014
Narrative Art - Williams Art Gallery, Cambridge - March 2012
Show Something - Seven Sisters, London - March 2011
Nautical But Nice - Cambridge Museum of Technology, Cambridge - September 2008
Etsy Artists - Pocket Utopia gallery, New York - December 2007


Catalogue of failures - Issue 2. Images featured - December 2021
Yearbook 2021 - Shutter Hub. Image feature - October 2021.
Eyes open doors shut - Culture Told. Images featured - November 2020
Yearbook 2020 - Shutter Hub. Image feature - October 2020.
Analogue Colour Landscape – Photography from Iceland. Artist photobook, Tiinateaspoon Press. ISBN 978 0 9934112 05 – October 2015
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Personal (squared). Artist photobook - February 2009


Artist talk - Delving into unknowns
One thing leads to another: Open College of the Arts symposium online - Jan 2022

Artist talk - Extending time through slit-scan photography
Everything I Ever Learnt: Shutter Hub & Art at the ARB symposium at Cambridge University - May 2019

Creative pattern cutting workshop – In collaboration with and Oh Sew Brixton – November 2010
A fun day of experimental pattern cutting for those who were just beginning their pattern cutting adventure, or who would like to learn new approaches to it.