Pint of Science festival 2022 - Creative Reactions, created in response to Dr Holly Pacey’s research into new high energy particle physics beyond the Standard Model.

Exhibition view
Exhibition view - Raspberry Pi 4 playing video, kaliedescope with Raspberry Pi Zero playing video, 3D printed particle, newsprint exhibition booklets.

There are many different forms of symmetry in nature. From Dr Holly Pacey’s research, I have found that particle physics is currently arranged into the standard model; with symmetries such as charge and flavour, amongst others. But there are parts missing, the model is not complete. Physicists are trying to fill in the gaps, mapping out uncharted areas, smashing particles together at higher and higher energy levels, and sometimes finding new particles in the process. Could the theory of supersymmetry fill in the gaps?

3D particle design
3D particle design with inkblot displacement.
Exhibition detail
3D printed particle, Raspberry Pi 4 playing video on loop.
Still from kaliedescope view, Raspberry Pi Zero playing video on loop.
Exhibition detail
Newsprint exhibition booklets.
One page exhibition book A
One page exhibition book B
Newsprint exhibition booklet pages.

I experimented with symmetry to create my own strange new particles, fragile and ephemeral. I made inkblots as a starting point, to research through physical making. These link the human connection to the unseen and our search for knowledge at the edge of our understanding of the universe. I have mapped these inkblots onto my new particles, transforming them into worlds of the unknown. Certain particles could be crystal balls to help peer into the future of particle physics. Will analysis of particle collision data find that symmetry can be broken?

For more information on Pint of Science and Creative Reactions please visit the Pint of Science website.

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