Shift/work parcel 6

A little while ago now I received one large Shift/work parcel containing all sorts of goodies, a motherlode of artworks.


I was so overwhelmed by the amount of work in the parcel that I wasn't sure how to respond to it. After sitting with the work spread out infront of me for a while I decided that organising could be the work. There were themes and practices running through the work anyway - water, touch, mapping, gifts - so re-arranging and bundling them in different configurations made sense. It was a welcome return of some items from the first parcel I sent out and had forgotten to document (with added poetry)!

Mapping theme reconfigured and unwrapped
I had enough work after the reconfiguring to send everyone another parcel, with some left over still. I added a little something new to each one as well. 4 more parcels went on their way.

Mapping theme wrapped before sending out again
I found that I really enjoy working to a prompt in this way - each new parcel being a loose instruction, a feeling to guide me. Working in response to the work of another opens up new conversations with my own systems, themes and processes. The analogue, physical nature of the work has been a much needed balm throughout the lockdowns, a huge gift.
Touch themed artwork unwrapped after reconfiguring Touch artwork boxed and ready to post Nature and tree themed work Water themed artwork as a close-up New water themed artwork, made with blue ink

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