As I've been working on this, my own website, I have also been learning about accessible web design.

My son sent me a link to a fascinating video (see below) on the font Atkinson Hyperlegible; so I've switched all the body text here over to it. You can find the font for free to use or download on Google fonts: Link to Atkinson Hyperlegible font.

I'm also trying to make my links more accessible by using suitably descriptive text - inspired by the article The perfect link on the A11Y Collective site. Another way I've tried to improve accessibility is by using alt text tags on images. These tags give a short description of the image in words. (This can also help with search engine optimisation.) For more info on alt text see the RNIB's webpage on the topic.

Freecodecamp has a great class on Applied Accessibility as part of its free Responsive Web Design Course: Link to Applied Accessibility Course by Freecodecamp. There's also a good guide to web accessibility, standards and evaluation on the Web Accessibility Initiative website.

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