This year I was very lucky to get back to walking on the South West Coast Path. Here you'll find a few thoughts and some freshly developed photographs from the journey.

In previous years I have walked from Minehead to Tintagel, going for a week or two at a time. Last year, due to the pandemic, I wasn't able to visit and walk - instead staying local. I really missed walking for multiple days at a time, camping outside, a reset for my body and sleep whilst surrounded by nature.

I have to say, there's nothing like the extreme undulations of this path. I was worried I'd be too unfit, having sprained my ankle a few months previously, so the plan was to take it easy(ish).

In the end I made it from Boscastle to St Ives. Whilst the towns were very busy, it was much quieter on the more remote sections of path away from human habitation. My ankle was fine, but blisters and a dodgy knee plagued me instead! I also ran out of film on the last day, perfect timing for going home. I hope to carry on from St Ives next year.

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