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I received a lovely painting and instructions in the post. I was asked to choose or make a small object, and have it interact with the painting.

My son kindly 3D printed me a little etching press from the open press project. This is my first test with a simple drypoint print.

This is interesting, I think it might be parts of my original parcel, come around again!

I took photographs on my local walks throughout the first lockdown. I'm so excited that they've been included in the fabulous zine "Eyes open doors shut" from Culture Told.

Oooh a box! I wonder what could be inside?

Notes on week 5 and beyond from the art and learning blog.

The reading has paused and from this point on the weeks become fuzzy. My notes begin to have dates marked rather than week numbers, so I shall share them all below in a somewhat chronological order.

It was a lovely surprise to receive this little parcel, with a folded paper sketchbook inside! Blank pages usually fill me with fear, especially the thought of messing up a collaborative work.

Over the last weekend I completed my walk of the Icknield Way. I've been walking along it a day at a time, and this last section was from Dunstable to Ivinghoe Beacon. The path carries on as the Ridgeway from here, all the way to Avebury (hopefully I'll complete this part in the near future!)

The samples slowly changed colour as they were exposed to light. This took about a week. It was interesting to see the colour change from the front to the back of the prints.

Notes on week 4 from the art and learning blog. What are learning theories?

Art assignments - how do we follow instructions? It reminds me of Brian Eno's Oblique strategies, creative prompts. How to get outside what you already know? Making your own instructions is biased towards your own practice and knowledge.