Shift/work parcel 4

This is interesting, I think it might be parts of my original parcel, come around again!

Parcel 4 has arrived! Including a beautiful drawing Including a beautiful description

This parcel has pages of yellow, lined paper, bound together, and a folded sheet of my own drawing from the first parcel I sent out. I love the description and drawing of a walk - especially the almost trespass. The thought of finding out or bending or breaking the rules seems to be a running theme in these collaborations. I wanted to respond to the theme of trespass, but couldn't quite get the artwork to work yet - it has given me ideas for the future at least.

My drawing, with extra cat footprints Following the lines on the page

I thought about how to document a walk, which data to use, and how I might follow a path. After a long walk I like to look at my health app to see how many footsteps I might have taken and how far I have been. (I don't use a pedometer, so am not sure how accurate it actually is.) There are a few local footpaths that I've been frequenting, especially during the lockdowns. For my first tries I was marking significant points on my journey (joined by cat footprints!) Also I tried mapping footsteps along the lines of the paper.

Making maps of my walk Imagining my walk path in drawing

I tried mapping out my whole remembered walk across one piece of paper - when I got to the edge I started again on the opposite side. I visualised the twists and turns of my path as I walked the ink steps across the page. These were all made using twigs dipped in homemade walnut ink.

I carefully packed the parcel up again and sent it on its way...

Packed up ready to be sent on its way again

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