My son kindly 3D printed me a little etching press from the open press project. This is my first test with a simple drypoint print.

I was so excited to find out that there's a home etching press which is affordable and also doesn't take up much space. The open press project can supply a press, and are sharing the plans open source too. I luckily had one printed by my son for Xmas. I haven't done much printmaking in the past, but love everything messy and inky. Blankets and printing supplies were sourced from the very helpful Intaglio Printmaker.

3D printed Etching press
Messy workspace, ink everywhere

For my second ever try at drypoint printing, and the first without professional help, I decided to keep things simple. Two lines to suggest a Scottish landscape, creative wiping to give atmosphere. I now have a better idea of how this ink, paper and press work together, ready to try more detailed prints in the future.

Test drypoint prints from same plate

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