Shift/work parcel 3

Oooh a box! I wonder what could be inside?

Parcel 3 has arrived! Including a beautiful poem

This parcel had the feeling of water and movement and volume to me. It made me think of the volume of the box, and how I wanted to fill it up with art stuff. Then I realised that the space inside wasn't empty, air has particles and fills up the space already. I measured the box and worked out the volume in cm3. I tried to work out how many oxygen and other particles this might contain but that proved a little difficult, even trying to calculate it using Wolfram Alpha!

My work to go in the parcel

I was reminded of my time spent by the sea, and how the tide and waves felt like the earth breathing. Particles and waves, enclosed and rhythmic. One piece felt like a paper aeroplane, ready to fly with potential.

One thing I noticed was that I didn't want to alter any of the work inside the package, just respond to the loose theme I found there and add to it. How might we encourage others to alter our own work? What if it was (in our eyes anyway) destroyed?

I carefully packed the box up again and sent it on its way...

Packed up ready to be sent on its way again

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