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I was really excited to send out my first art parcel, and thought carefully about what to put in it, and who to send it to. I was so excited that I forgot to take many photographs of it!

Notes on week 3 from the art and learning blog. What is Paragogy?

The Peeragogy Handbook is a great resource which I need to read in more depth. I don't feel I've had quite enough time to engage with the wealth of resources so far!

When I saw a workshop on soil chromatography from Hannah Fletcher and the Land Art Agency my interest was piqued. My father is a geologist and land researcher - I've grown up with talk of soil and peat. As part of my walking art practice I'm also interested in different ways of experiencing localities of landscape.

A round up of my thoughts/notes from week 2 from the art and learning blog. What is open learning?

Why should oers be designed and made by educators/education/gov providers? Would practitioners not be enough? Ratings system to show value? TRUST

Does there need to be certification/credits? Oth...

Notes on week 1 from the art and learning blog.