Shift/work week 2

A round up of my thoughts/notes from week 2 from the art and learning blog. What is open learning?

Why should oers be designed and made by educators/education/gov providers? Would practitioners not be enough? Ratings system to show value? TRUST

Does there need to be certification/credits? Other methods of showing skills, project based portfolio?

Internet access is still not universal, how can we think about this? As we’ve been sitting in front of computers for months, what offline elements can we use? E.g. reading groups. Stack magazines subscription.

Free code camp - individual learning, certification, forums for peers, donation based fee model & sponsorship - getting employers onboard.

Which Creative Commons license works for us?

Learning by creating. Posing questions or learning a skill? Structured course.

What is open, what is closed?

What if somebody uses an open resource in a way that is not wanted? What ways might that be? Ethics/morals/legal? Are there any extra rules we wish to implement?

Created in relation to a need, what need? Which audience?

Resources. Prerequisites. High dropout rate.

Access to materials? To space?

How does curation of materials help? Guide the learner through resources/content.

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